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MYICEJOBS Terms & Conditions
Version 5th June 2016


ICE Internal Communications, Change Management and Employee Engagement
T&Cs Terms and Conditions

Member A user of the MYICEJOBS site or a user registered to use any of the MYICEJOBS services.
Purpose of these Terms & Conditions
MYICEJOBS is proud to work alongside the ICE community to share information through a global jobs board website portal. The website is intended for members to:
• Communicate and interact with each other online
• Communicate and interact with companies and other entities in relation to job board matters
• Search jobs as advertised by recruiters, employers and external job boards
• Upload a resume/s and apply for the jobs advertised
• Upload a job/jobs and display a job position as a listing
• Search resumes that have been uploaded
• Express views, opinions and experiences

This interaction is collectively termed “Community Engagement”.

These are the T&Cs of agreement between you and MYICEJOBS. Please read these T&Cs carefully before using this website and before becoming a member. They have been put in place to protect and provide an awesome experience for the benefit of all our members. In using this website, you agree to abide by the T&Cs at all times. Every time you access the site you confirm your agreement with the T&Cs.
Your enjoyment and experience of the MYICEJOBS services is very important to us. Please read the MYICEJOBS Privacy Policy and MYICEJOBS Purchase Policy that also forms a part of these Terms and Conditions.
Section 1: Registration Age

1. In order to protect the community, it is a condition of this website that you warrant all registration details are true, current and accurate.

2. You must be at least 13 years old to use the MYICEJOBS site (or the age of majority in your jurisdiction, if it is older), and at least 18 years old (or the age of majority in your jurisdiction, if it is older) to register for the MYICEJOBS services. Other services may have other age requirements for all or portion of such services, and such other age requirements are stated on such services or portions thereof.

Section 2: Liability Disclaimer

3. User-created content: Please ensure that all Community Engagement is appropriate and is not in breach of the Terms and Conditions. MYICEJOBS is not responsible for any user-created content published or transmitted on the site, unless the contrary is expressly stated.
4. Information Accuracy: MYICEJOBS, MYICEJOBS subsidiaries and affiliates do not guarantee the accuracy of any information published on the site. The inclusion of user-content, advertisements or other information and hyperlinks to other websites through MYICEJOBS is provided only for general information, is not intended to address your particular requirements and does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by MYICEJOBS. MYICEJOBS disclaims all liability (including for negligence) for any errors, omissions or other inaccuracies relating to the information of any of the products, services or other content displayed on this site to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law.
5. Information Security: Where information is provided to MYICEJOBS (through Community Engagement or otherwise) you accept that these methods of communication cannot be 100% secure. MYICEJOBS uses encryption software and secure third party payment providers to avoid unauthorised access to this information being obtained. However, MYICEJOBS cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any damages arising from the misuse or loss of information submitted.

6. Opinion Accuracy: MYICEJOBS does not endorse, nor is responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, or statements made by any contributors. Content made available through the site are those of their respective authors and should not be relied upon.

7. Communication: MYICEJOBS is not responsible for and cannot control what happens between members who arrange to meet in person. MYICEJOBS advises you that there may be risks of dealing with Members acting under false pretences or with criminal intent.

8. Endorsement: MYICEJOBS makes no representations of any kind about the suitability of the information, software, products, and services contained on this website or any portion thereof for any purpose, and the inclusion or offering of any products or services on this site. MYICEJOBS does not imply endorsement of the nature of material on the MYICEJOBS website or the linking websites and should not be relied upon by you in making (or refraining from making) any specific investment or other business or personal decisions. Professional advice should be obtained before making any such decision.

Section 3: Your Responsibilities

9. Each member is ultimately responsible and liable for their Community Engagement input. You alone are responsible and liable for:
• Your activities while participating in Community Engagement, both on and offline
• Ensuring that your interaction with other Members is lawful
• All the content that you publish, display or distribute on the MYICEJOBS site, on your profile and in any online or offline communications with other Members
• Any actions you may take based on advice or information you receive; and
• Any actions you may take in arranging and attending real life meet ups, including job interviews
• Any other MYICEJOBS related activity in which each member participates

10. Please take the utmost care in protecting yourself and your privacy. You can take steps to protect yourself and your privacy online and offline. The following safety precaution suggestions include but are not limited to:

10.1. Protecting your account: Your account may not be shared with another person. You are solely responsible for ensuring that your account and password details are kept confidential and safe from unauthorized access. Do not give out your password to anyone and log out of your MYICEJOBS account after use.

10.2. Protecting your data: You are responsible for creating backups of materials (such as photos and blog entries) that you post as part of the Community Engagement. The MYICEJOBS website portal is not designed as a primary place to store any materials. MYICEJOBS takes no responsibility for loss, damage, or deletion or alteration of any materials included in any Community Engagement.

10.3. Using your own good judgment: Please evaluate information provided through any Community Engagement carefully. Remember that the information provided could be from people who do not have your best interest at heart. The decision to conduct transactions and activities with anyone is your own; and you should conduct your own research prior to making any decisions.

10.4. Adopting safety precautions in meeting with others: The following safety precaution suggestions include, but are not restricted to:
o Restrict the information that you make available. Do not hand out sensitive personal or financial details that could be misused by others.
o Keep friends and family members informed of where you are going; and of any relevant contact details.
o If contacted with a request for further information or an interview, check that the organisation or person contacting you is legitimate.
o If you decide to meet, then select a safe venue. Always meet in a place where there are other people around and arrange appropriate transport with a friend, respected transport company or other safe and reliable means.

11. Content Review Process: MYICEJOBS does not, in ordinary circumstances, review Community Engagement content. However, MYICEJOBS reserves the right to read, censor, edit and delete at any time, without notice, any user-created content that violates these Terms of Submission, is considered by MYICEJOBS to be detrimental to the best interests of the community, is regarded as spam, may contain unsolicited advertising, shows a breach of conduct, shows attempts at tampering with the MYICEJOBS website portal, or is required by the relevant authorities. While MYICEJOBS reserves the right to edit or remove content deemed offensive at our sole discretion, MYICEJOBS does not guarantee that offensive material will be removed.

12. Report suspicious activity: If you encounter behaviour that may be deemed harmful to other Members you are requested to contact MYICEJOBS at admin@myicejobs.com with full details. At the sole discretion of MYICEJOBS, misconduct by a reported member may result in the warning, suspension or deletion of the offending member’s profile, without notice. MYICEJOBS reserves the right to ban a member at any time from any or all Community Engagement; as well as edit or remove any content that violates these T&Cs.

Section 4: Membership and Subscriptions

13. MYICEJOBS Feedback Process: MYICEJOBS is designed to co-create an awesome community. We love hearing from you and have put a review process in place in order to gather feedback that can be used to improve MYICEJOBS’s services. However, MYICEJOBS reserves the right to only make alterations that we deem the most appropriate for the growth of the community as a whole.

14. Membership Options: MYICEJOBS offers Trial Member Accounts for free. These are collectively termed “Trial Membership”. You may only register for one Trial Member Account only, unless otherwise specified in writing by MYICEJOBS. If MYICEJOBS becomes aware that you are operating more than one Trial Member Account, we reserve the right to suspend all accounts and you may be permanently blocked from entering the site. All Membership Options are subject to the conditions of the MYICEJOBS Purchase Policy.

15. Pricing: MYICEJOBS reserves the right to make changes to the fee-based subscription pricing, payment options, renewal terms or Member and Subscription services at any time.

16. Pricing and availability of Website items: MYICEJOBS price as accurately as possible, but in the event of error, we reserve the right to cancel the purchase. MYICEJOBS refrain from the responsibility of error of availability.

17. Membership Termination: You may cancel your Membership at any time. Please be aware that, when deleted, all content will be removed from the MYICEJOBS servers and all data will be lost.

18. MYICEJOBS Subscription Termination: MYICEJOBS reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate your Membership at any time at its absolute discretion.

19. Content Storage: You are responsible for keeping messages and any other data that you wish to save, as MYICEJOBS cannot retrieve information which has been deleted.

20. Content Availability: MYICEJOBS’s policy is to keep content restricted to user access, however, all content you post be viewable by non-members and may be returned in search engine results. You should always keep this in mind with any Community Engagement.

Section 5: Respecting Others

21. Be Awesome: MYICEJOBS is designed to co-create an awesome jobs board community. Please respect others at all times so that MYICEJOBS can remain an awesome community. MYICEJOBS is not responsible for any content that you post. You alone are ultimately responsible and liable for:
• Your actions while participating in the MYICEJOBS activities, both on and offline
• Ensuring that your interaction with other contributors is lawful
• All the content that you publish, display or distribute on the MYICEJOBS site
• Any online or offline communications with other contributors
• Any actions you may take based on advice or information you receive

So please respect others at all times so that MYICEJOBS can remain an awesome community.

22. Maintain mutual respect: Please be respectful to others, even if your opinion differs from theirs. YOU MAY NOT use Community Engagement to:

• Threaten, harass, stalk or abuse others

• Express profanity

• Solicit another member’s contact details

• Make inflammatory remarks: in order to provoke others

Defame another’s character: If you publish material or express and opinion which defames another person, or which amounts to unlawful discrimination or the incitement of hatred, then you may be held liable for those actions. Although your privacy is protected by MYICEJOBS’s privacy policy, you should be aware that MYICEJOBS may be required, by law or court order, to disclose certain information which it holds.

Post another person’s private contact details: These include but are not limited to the following: real name, workplace, phone number, home address, car registration or e-mail address. Doing so may result in an immediate ban.

Air personal correspondence: Do not use the public channels through MYICEJOBS if your messages would be more appropriate in a private message, email, chat, or phone conversation.

Air personal matters: Personal matters between yourself and another user of MYICEJOBS must remain between yourself and them. The MYICEJOBS website and activities arranged through the site are NOT the places to air your private grievances.

Post offensive content: Posting offensive content of any kind is expressly prohibited. You may not publish or transmit offensive content; this includes content that contains offensive language, sexually explicit content, gross depictions of disease or injury, and any content that is considered unlawful, threatening, abusive, racist, derogatory, harmful, obscene, harassing, discriminatory, and libelous. Further you may not publish any content that may violate or encourage violation of any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation.

• Misrepresent your relationship with MYICEJOBS or imply any endorsement by MYICEJOBS other than with its written consent

• Use any logos displayed on the website without written permission from MYICEJOB.

23. MYICEJOBS reserves the right to ban any Member and remove or edit content that is in violation of these T&Cs. Any breach to the above may cause your account to be suspended without prior notice.

24. While MYICEJOBS reserves the right to edit, delete or remove content deemed offensive at our sole discretion within these T&Cs, MYICEJOBS does not guarantee that offensive material will be removed or deleted.

Section 6: Harassment & Disputes

25. You may not harass any Member; and you agree to stop contacting any other Member who has requested you to stop.
26. MYICEJOBS will not become involved in any disputes between Members and does not provide any arbitration or settlement services should a dispute arise between members.

Section 7: Respect the structure and services of MYICEJOBS

27. No sub-contracting: Any space provided to you in any Community Engagement is for your own personal use. You may not sell, license, exchange or barter any space provided to you within any Community Engagement for any purpose.

28. No disruptive activity: MYICEJOBS does not tolerate disruptive activity online, such as persistent off-topic comments and postings; or statements that incite others to violate these T&Cs or participate in illegal activities.

29. Don’t “spam”: You may not spam other Members through the Community Engagement channels. This involves any form of solicitation or request including:
• Mass-mailing
• Posting identical and irrelevant submissions
• “Junk mail”, “chain letters”, raffles or pyramid schemes
• Misrepresenting the source of anything you say or post.
Spamming is a serious violation of online etiquette & may cause your account to be immediately suspended.

30. Don’t copy or alter MYICEJOBS’s website: MYICEJOBS owns and retains all proprietary rights in and relating to the MYICEJOBS website. Proprietary rights in and relating to the MYICEJOBS site must not be used in any way without MYICEJOBS’s prior written consent. No person may use, reproduce, publish, store, modify or transmit, in any form or by any means, in whole or in part, any content posted or transmitted on the MYICEJOBS site, or otherwise transmitted to any member of the MYICEJOBS site, other than their own content, without the express written permission of the relevant owner.

31. MYICEJOBS reserves the right to read, censor, edit and delete at any time, without notice, any user-created Community Engagement including but not limited to:
• the violation of these T&Cs;
• spam;
• unsolicited advertising;
• a breach of conduct;
• attempts at tampering with the MYICEJOBS website portal; or
• is required by the relevant authorities.

Section 8: Third Parties

32. Mutual Respect: MYICEJOBS is privileged to have many good relationships with recruitment agencies, employers, venue proprietors, managers, promoters and other community members. These individuals and entities can offer a vital link to furthering the development of the ICE community and are to be treated with respect at all times. Constructive criticism is welcome where appropriate, but disruptive or abusive comments will not be tolerated.

33. Commercial Risk: Promoters are welcome to use MYICEJOBS and will be supported in any way possible within MYICEJOBS powers, but are reminded that the use of Community Engagement for commercial purposes is solely at your own risk and MYICEJOBS has no liability for such use. MYICEJOBS reserves the right to refuse business listing at any given time.

34. Links to Other Websites: Some content on the MYICEJOBS website may contain hyperlinks to websites operated by parties other than MYICEJOBS. Please be advised that MYICEJOBS does not control these websites and is not responsible for the content, privacy policy or other practices on the websites associated with the links you may view. Further, it is up to you to take precautions to ensure that whatever links you select or software you download (whether from the MYICEJOBS website or other websites) is free of viruses and other such items of a destructive nature.

35. Select appropriate channels: When participating in Community Engagement, please use the correct channel, following the purpose for which it is intended, in order to put forward your message, whether of commercial or private interest. MYICEJOBS reserves the right to delete your posts (if they are deemed by MYICEJOBS’ discretion to be inappropriate), issue a warning or permanently terminate your membership account.

Section 9: Intellectual Property
36. Right to acknowledgement: MYICEJOBS acknowledges the moral rights of contributors, which includes your right, as a contributor, to be credited for your submission(s), such as guest blog posts. If you would like to be credited then please include the relevant information in the online submission, or send your name and contact details to admin@MYICEJOBS.com.

37. MYICEJOBS IP: Your use of this site provides you no rights in regard to MYICEJOBS intellectual property rights including trademarks, designs and copyright or the intellectual property rights of Third Parties.

38. Permission to upload content: Please do NOT upload or post content that may infringe on other material protected by intellectual property laws (such as trademarks or copyright), rights of privacy, anti-piracy or any other applicable law unless you own or control the rights thereto or have received all necessary consent. MYICEJOBS is not responsible for Community Engagement that you say or post. By uploading content you warrant that you:
38.1. Own all the rights of any content submitted
38.2. Agree to having the content published on the MYICEJOBS website
38.3. If applicable, have checked with all 3rd parties (i.e. everyone in the photo/artwork) that they agree to having their image published
38.4. Acknowledge that submissions are non-confidential and non-proprietary
38.5. Do not require any financial return for the contribution

39. Content Ownership: Furthermore, by uploading, submitting or otherwise disclosing content for inclusion on the MYICEJOBS website, you grant this site unlimited license indefinitely to the content and the information therein.

Section 10: Stay Within The Law

40. Illegal Activities: MYICEJOBS does not allow any illegal activities. You cannot use the Community Engagement channels to publish, post, distribute, or disseminate defamatory, infringing, obscene, or other unlawful material or information. MYICEJOBS reserves the right to remove posts discussing and/or promoting illegal activities including but not limited to the possession, procurement and consumption of drugs, criminal activity, warfare and other associated issues.

41. No destructive software: MYICEJOBS does not allow posting or the use of computer programs that contain destructive features such as: viruses, worms, Trojan horses, or other software that can be disruptive to online communication. Do not post any materials (including software and other information) that could harm (or is designed to harm) other users’ computers or would allow others to inappropriately access software or Web sites.

42. False impersonation: You may not impersonate any other person or entity. You may not use the content from another member’s profile on this site or any other, or use another person’s photo as your own. A user account that is likely to mislead others through false impersonation may be banned.

Section 11: Uphold MYICEJOBS’s T&Cs

43. Upholding the T&Cs: In helping to make the Community Engagement a great place to meet and chat, you must do your part to uphold these T&Cs. It is prohibited to encourage other users to break these T&Cs.

44. Non-compliance: MYICEJOBS reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend access to any Community Service for violations of our T&Cs. MYICEJOBS reserves the right to ban a user at any time, without notice, from any or all Community Engagement for offences relating to disruption of others or for violation of these T&Cs.

45. T&Cs amendments: MYICEJOBS reserves the right to add, delete or change the T&Cs, or portion thereof, at any time without notice. You agree to periodically review this document to ensure you are doing your part. Every time you use MYICEJOBS services you indicate an acceptance of such amendments.

Section 12: MYICEJOBS Service Provision

46. Service Quality: MYICEJOBS aims to provide the highest service level possible to our Members, however the company does not warrant that any of its services will always be secure, uninterrupted, and always available or error free, or will meet your requirements, or that any defects in the service will be corrected.

47. Offensive Material: MYICEJOBS takes its role of website moderation very seriously, but does not guarantee that offensive material will be removed or deleted.

48. MYICEJOBS service amendments: In the event of unusual activity, MYICEJOBS reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend payment via your credit card and contact you, your bank or any other relevant third party to report such unusual activity. MYICEJOBS reserves the right to change or discontinue any service or feature of the MYICEJOBS site in whole or in part any time.

49. Content amendment: If website content is edited or removed, and you would like more information on the matter, then please send a private email to the admin@MYICEJOBS.com account.

50. Report a member: If you feel that an individual or entity has breached the community etiquette then please contact MYICEJOBS at admin@MYICEJOBS.com and alert us to the breach of conduct. We may, if deemed appropriate at the sole discretion of MYICEJOBS, warn, suspend or delete the offending member’s profile.

51. MYICEJOBS Moderators: Moderators are there to make the time spent on MYICEJOBS more enjoyable for the community as a whole. Moderators use a combination of common-sense and these guidelines when making decisions. If you feel a moderator has been unfair or misinformed in handling an issue, then please send a private email message to our admin@MYICEJOBS.com account and we will do our best to rectify the issue.

52. Site access: Site access may be suspended periodically and without notice in the case of repair, maintenance, system failure or for reasons outside of our control.

53. Marketing Material: MYICEJOBS may from time to time send marketing material to members by email. This will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy and you will have the opportunity to opt out of receiving this material.

54. IP Logging: MYICEJOBS reserves the right to log IP addresses upon both successful and unsuccessful attempts to log-in to the members area. This data will not be used for personal identification, except in instances of threat to integrity, safety or security, in which cases the information will be made available only to the requisite authorities.

Section 13: Governing Law

55. MYICEJOBS and the Terms and Conditions for this site are governed by and construed in accordance with English Law. The parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the governing law jurisdiction. The courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes which may arise out of, under, or in connection with these Terms & Conditions unless MYICEJOBS elects to bring proceedings in the courts of the country of the user’s residence or of principal place of business. Nothing in this clause is intended to oust the laws of the United Kingdom and the jurisdiction of the court of England and Wales.

Section 14: Limitation of Liability

56. Indemnification: MYICEJOBS will not be liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of the profits) arising from your use or inability to use the MYICEJOBS website or any content or from any action taken or refrained from being taken as a result of using the website or any associated content, including in respect of infringement of third party rights arising from the your use of the content. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless this site, MYICEJOBS, its directors, officers, employees, agents, affiliates, vendors, hosts, partner sites and third parties, from any loss, claim, expenses or damages, relating to or arising out of your use of this site and the services provided. This includes any violation of this agreement or any action arising from the content that you publish on this site that infringes:
• The intellectual property rights of any third party; or
• Content that libels or invades the privacy of any third party; or
• Any action taken by you as a result of your use of this site.
MYICEJOBS and all related entities exclude all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law.

57. No partnership, joint venture, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and MYICEJOBS as a result of these T&Cs or your use of the MYICEJOBS site.

58. MYICEJOBS and all related entities exclude all liability to the maximum extent permitted by law. To the extent that liability cannot be excluded, MYICEJOBS and all related entity’s liability to you for any cause whatsoever will at all times be limited to the maximum amount of one hundred Great British pounds.

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